Perhaps, , , all the dragons in our lives are in fact princesses who are only waiting to see ….. us ….. act, just once, with beauty and courage.

Perhaps, just perhaps, everything that frightens us is in its deepest essence, something helpless that want out.

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… and

a Shield is a Shield
and a Home is a Home
But … a golden life is a way
of becoming Home.

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Dear David

In the days of Long’mer, when the sun set later than now, and the early morning songs brought forth a breath of newness to gladden the day, we knew the end was near. We knew our world was moving on. To something newer and grander than so far we had had the joy to know, to experience, to express. So we spent those days and hours celebrating how far we had journeyed in our troth with others. We knew that we would sleep this eve and in the new morn wake brand new. Something different in the moments in-between was being brought forth from our hearts and our breathing. Time stood still. Doors opened wide. Life stepped out and stepped right back again. In that in-between all was discovered. All was perfected. All was understood. Life moved on. The dance continued. Yet did not. It ended. Yet did not. It began anew. Yet did not. It was all so still. Stillness. Depth. Well.

Well being. Came. Comes always. No matter the lengths and breadths we go. No matter how grand, nor how small.

We stand on this threshhold now. Awareness is the key.

Let the mists speak well to you, bring wisdom to you. Acknowledge the wise you are, the mists you know, and the ones yet to be.

Freedom sails beckon. Christ lights descend again. New bright arrives. The life you were born to and for roars into being once more, stands before you, ready to soar. Wings well lit. Grace becoming. Songs understood.

The time is now. It is always now. We have forgotten that. Open that time well. Let the remembrances come flooding in. Embrace all of everything. Peace is. Simply that. Peace is.

You do well. As do we.

Trevallion Moorscroft
Lothlarian Ofthwain

Peace be with you.

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Butterflies float and ride the same thought streams as whales do.
Air streams — water ways — same thing in another’s guise.

The butterfly delights stars
Their magic touches
The hearts of all things
Near and far
And life sings a Sweeter
Because they are

Butterfly’s hearts
Soar with the cosmic
Graces of
the far flung hopes
The explorers carry. Everywhere
They go

Butterfly Butterfly
Can you help remind me
To remember my way
again and again and again

Til you and I
Know the exquisite
In the new dancing waves


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The leaves on my car
A shallow moment in the spaciousness
Of time
Why does my heart call attention to you
Is the ‘why’ timing then, depths of
Emotion calling us
To a fruition song we failed to hear
Or a new dawn, a new moment, a new
Beginning time


Choice, compassion, understanding
Anothers’ grace or wisdom touching
As if for the very last time
A vision arrived, a dance of life, love
Hearth song
A cornucopic rhythm to stand upon
That says all is well
Try, try, try again
This intimate moment is all we ever have
So be brave
Reach deeper into your own worth
For the answers to the prayers
We spin webs upon
Open soul, open tenderly, in those small,
Burdened moments we are arcing back from
Do you dance, or do you wait in the dark
For the leaves to fall and remind you
Of all you are … wisdoms graceful,
Awkward footsteps
Travelling in a wizard’s song.
Spring is not so very far away.


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Who Is?

Who is the dragon beneath the sea?

Walk softly through the night
A doorway lays beneath the golden suns
And a sound bridge waits a time of waking.
Are you ready?

Do you dare the time to walk the bridge
between many worlds?

Come. Time has unwound. I have arrived.
Can you hear my tears calling you home.
The train has arrived. Do you dare the rails?
Home comes home again.

Is this the age when all ends well?
Or do you need another aeon to fool yourselves
about the journey
you are wandering along?

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Coffee Shop Days

My dog and I
Gentle walks in the rain
The butcher shop beckons
Us home again

Tramp, tramp, tramp
Puddles of love
To splish and splash
Yellow, Green, Blue
Puddle jumping boots

A tree in the rain
A quiet sit for a moment or two
Under the dappled, dripping tree
A look in the coffee shop
A coffee to go
Warmth invites
But a dogs’ love awaits

And an invitation from the
Outdoor world calls us out
To play again

We are wetter now
But happy smiles
And wagging tails
Testamount to the special day
And the sweet, sweet love
We share as we wander

The day away

Home again
At last
Feet wiped clean
Boots dripping
On the outdoor mat
Bone unwrapped
Happy gnawing going on
A warm milk for me
Maybe a splash of rum
A comfy sweater
Teddy bear slippers

And the happy shared smiles
Eyes of love
Hope abounds
Life calls out
Between my dog and me

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